sobota, 6 kwietnia 2013

Lingerie for large breasts - my advice

Large breasts are certainly big asset and all busty ladies must keep this in mind!
It often happens, that the majority of women generously endowed by nature, fall into complexes because of their larger-than-average breasts. And some of them are only need to choose correct bra or lingerie to look simply gorgeous and beautiful.
Being one of those women gifted with larger breasts, I've chosen to present some of my advice for suitable choice of lingerie:

  • Choose full cup bras over cut cups. Full cups will nicely fill your breast and it will fit well. It will also help you to hold breasts in place.

czwartek, 26 lipca 2012

Colorful Beach Trends 2012

Everyone wants to feel fashionable in a bathing suit! I gathered here some interesting swimsuits for this summer. It seems that in 2012 we should see plenty of colorful patterns and navy blue suits:

środa, 25 lipca 2012

Sensual Anais Black Lingerie

 Anais is one of my favorite lingerie designer, known for its sensual, chemises and dresses. Their lingerie is often black, with classic and elegant cuts, which helps you feel elegant and attractive in bedroom. Here are some examples from new Anais collection:

Affection - elegant combination of satin and lace with decorative clips for stockings.
 Mysterious - short shirt temptingly revealing bare shoulders, adorned with eye-catching lace trimmings.

innocence dress

Innocence - seductive bodystocking style dress with floral patterns and cute bow between the breasts. Desire guaranteed.

Personally, I find this design very attractive and elegant, without being too revealing. Very classy lingerie!